Own node with fast-growing liquidity. High yield nodes 60% per year or 5% monthly! Bonus accruals of tokens and platform cryptoactivities that have passed authorization on the ZH coinmarket Workflows of a network of nodes are governed by a smart contract. The maximum possible number of master nodes in the network 2000. The current price of the master node with a fixed asset is 10,000 ZH = 1,000 USD

How it works?

Unique innovative technologies of the new generation.


Smart contract for master node

Node uses a single, universal wallet for all types of operating systems (Windows, Unix/Linux, MacOS). All processes responsible for the technical and financial parts of the gcd are regulated by a special smart contract. All processes are automated. The smart contract regulating the work of the master node is developed and developed in conjunction with the growth and development of the ZH network.

Master nodes

Node is an analogue of a torrent client that downloads a “constantly updated file” (blockchain) and transfers fragments of a file to other such clients — transactions that claim to be included in the blockchain. Rules for checking the correctness of data at the node is more complicated than the torrent client. A node that is configured in a special way should always be "online." The minimum threshold for the account of any node should not exceed 100% of the total initial amount, which is fixed upon purchase of the master node. When this threshold is exceeded, the node is removed from the official list of nodes. In the case of ZH, the differences between the nodes are only in the amount of the asset. The greater the asset node, the greater the income. Workflows of all nodes are governed by a special smart contract.

Profitability of master nodes

Guaranteed profitability of master nodes at this stage of network development is 60% per year or 5% per month. The financial model of the network is designed in such a way that with growth and time the course will grow, the nodes will bring a smaller percentage of income and increase greatly in price. Master nodes in addition to mining (forging) receive dividends at the rate of 5% per month or 60% per year. Accruals occur daily in automatic mode, uniform payments of 16 ZH. Master node has a limit of 10,000 ZH! All tested cryptocurrency assets, including partner and those that are reviewed through our own expert community, are subject to an additional commission when creating a crypto asset that is distributed between master nodes. Master node, which brings income in ZH cash and other cryptocurrencies of the ZeroHour network.

Terms of buying or creating nodes

Ready node can be purchased at the partner market Briastorm. You can also create a node yourself and send a registration request for 10000 ZH, you can pay off 20% of the payment with ZH lite tokens (1 ZH Cash = 100 ZH lite). Affiliate program works up to 20% from direct sales + bonus% from sales that partner partners will attract you. For more on marketing and affiliate programs, see here.

The network also contains super nodes with large assets. Super nodes must perform the role of supporting nodes of the network and separate requirements are set for them.


Master nodes wallets must contain a non-declining balance of 10000 ZH and be located on virtual or dedicated servers. The server must have a permanent external IP address, a stable network connection and sufficient resources to run the ZeroHour Cash and JAVA programs. ZH Cash wallet should always be 100% synchronized with the network, have a high uptime. Allowable minimum uptime is 95%. If masternod servers meet all requirements, they receive their monthly remuneration. The latest version of ZeroHour Cash must be used. Administrators must update software on their sites in a timely manner. The ping time for each server is collected by a system of statistics and network monitoring. At the time of purchase of the master node, the node server is connected to the ZeroHour unified statistics system. To connect, you must install additional software on the server (compatibility with Windows / Linux) and register in it the server key that you will receive after payment. The host server must always respond correctly to requests from the ZeroHour Cash P2P network monitoring system.

The development team reserves the right to change any requirements and rules as necessary, to maintain the number and performance of nodes, as well as the development of the network at an optimal level.


Assets 10 000 ZH

= 1000 USD

Bonus 100 000 ZH Lite to promote ZeroHour network and increase the profitability of nodes
60% per year / daily payments!