The process of creating a cryptocurrency or token (own blockchain network) occurs in just two clicks and does not require any special programming skills and knowledge. Instructions below on this page!

How to create a token or cryptocurrency?

Creating a token or cryptocurrency (color coin) in two clicks!


In the wallet, click on the Assets tab.

You must have a ZH wallet installed. Run the purse and wait for the synchronization. Next, click on the Release Asset button.

Fill out the form

We give your crypto asset a BRIEF NAME (ticker - symbol), for example, BTC, we set the most concise and concise description, which will be broadcast in the blockchain cloud of assets and explorer blocks. Attention this and other parameters can be set only once! Next, we determine the emission (total number of coins) max 10 billion and in your network the coins will be solid or possible division.

Press the release button

After you have filled in all 3 fields and made a check (PARAMETERS CAN BE SET ONLY ONCE AND CHANGED WILL NOT BE IMPOSSIBLE!) Select the wallet from which the payment will be made 10,000 ZH and make the second final click - click on the Release button. The application for the creation of an asset goes to the network and starts collecting confirmations. Within an hour, you can start using your cryptocurrency.


Questions about ZeroHour, questions about selling, investing, working algorithms, master nodes and others. If you do not find the answer to your question, ask it to the support service. Centralized support service.

What ZeroHour?

ZeroHour is a blockchain for business in two clicks. Unlike most platforms, ZH allows businesses to deploy their own blockchain and digital assets in a few clicks. With the help of a set of intuitive tools, even a novice developer can do this. The main advantages: minimum requirements for the source data of the customer, the basic creation of all types of tokens and coins,                                  simple creation of blockchain infrastructure, availability from a financial point of view.

Check out the ZeroHour Basic Technical Information.

Blockchain 2.0 / PoS Algorithm. Developed in Java / Python / C ++. Transaction rate 1,000,000 per second. All crypto units (coins) of the network are created together with the network and distributed to the reference nodes. The total emission of 10 billion. Of these, 9 billion are frozen and can be used subject to certain conditions prescribed by the smart contract. 1 billion units are distributed among users through advertising companies, sales on exchanges and has several options for use: master node (full node), units for creating new cryptoactive assets, units needed to pay the network commission for transactions.


1 ZH = $0.10

Course ZeroHour cash

  • Exchange <> Market
Primary issue of coins in the market at a discount!


Assets 10 000 ZH

= 1000 USD

Bonus 100,000 ZH Lite to promote the ZeroHour network and increase the profitability of nodes. The possibility of fixing the master node with any amount of ZH cash (min. 10 000ZH). Inclusion of peers.dat wallet in the official list of nodes



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mining zh cash

Открытие майнинг-пула ZH cash

Уже с сегодняшнего дня на базе нашей платформы ZeroHour, можно будет майнить криптовалюту на самых популярных алгоритмах. В данный момент подключено два: SHA-256 и Scrypt. На этих алгоритмах работают Bitcoin и его самый популярный форк Litecoin.

Продажа ZH cash через маркет за все популярные криптовалюты и usd

Что такое ZeroHour?

ZeroHour - блокчейн для бизнеса в два клика. В отличии от большинства платформ, ZH позволяет бизнесу развернуть собственный блокчейн и цифровые активы в несколько кликов. C помощью набора интуитивных инструментов это сможет сделать даже начинающий разработчик. Главные преимущества: >>


Возможности сети ZeroHour

На фоне скандалов с утечками данных пользователи все больше переживают о своей безопасности, которую должны предоставлять компании и сервисы. А безопасность можно обеспечить только с помощью децентрализации.Вот, что в себя включает платформа ZeroHour: >>