Own node with fast-growing liquidity. High profit nodes from mining! Bonus accruals of authorized tokens and cryptoactive assets that have been audited in ZeroHour. All work processes of the nodes are governed by smart contract. The network can create no more than 10 new super nodes per month. The fixed asset of the super node is 10,000,000 ZH and is a non-declining balance. Contribution for the opening supernode 100 000 ZH.


Active supernodes: 12
Current profit per year 120%
Free quanity nodes for registration 8
(Free quanity supernodes for registration till September 30, 2019)

How it works?

Investment program of super nodes. High profit of super nodes. There may be 200 super nodes in the network, with registration no more than 10 per month.



The node uses a single, universal wallet for all types of operating systems (Windows, Unix / Linux, MacOS). All processes that are responsible for the technical and financial parts of the work of the nodes are governed by a smart contract and automated. Smart contract regulating the work of super nodes is developed and developed in conjunction with the growth and development of the ZH network.


The profit of super nodes is up to 120% per year, the percentage of profitability depends on the level of complexity of multi-mining. The financial model of the network is designed in such a way that with growth and time the course will grow, the nodes will bring a lower percentage of income and increase greatly in price. Accruals occur daily in automatic mode. Super node has a minimum balance limit of 10 000 000 ZH! All proven crypto assets, including partnerships and those that have been approved by our expert community, are subject to an additional commission when creating a crypto asset, which is further distributed among super nodes. In the super nodes, there is a IPoS algorithm that generates income in ZH cash and other network crypto assets.


Super nodes wallets must contain a non-declining balance of 10,000,000 ZH and be located on virtual or dedicated servers. The server must have a permanent external IP address, a stable network connection, and sufficient resources for running the ZeroHour Cash and JAVA programs. The recommended server configuration is at least 2 cores and 4 gigabytes of RAM, SSD disk from 20 gigabytes. ZH Cash wallet should always be 100% synchronized with the network, the server should have high uptime. Allowable minimum monthly uptime is 99%. If super node servers meet all requirements, they receive their monthly reward. The latest version of ZeroHour Cash must be used. Administrators must update software on their sites in a timely manner. Ping time for each server is collected by a system of statistics and network monitoring. At the time of the deployment of the super node, the node server is connected to the unified ZeroHour statistics system. To connect, you need to install additional software on the server (compatibility with Windows / Linux) and enter the server key in it, which you will receive after paying a fee of 100,000 ZH. The host server must always correctly respond to requests from the ZeroHour Cash P2P network monitoring system.

The development team reserves the right to change any requirements and rules as necessary, to maintain the quantity and performance of nodes, as well as the development of the network at an optimal level. The maximum allowable quantity of nodes in the network 200 and can not be changed.


Step 1   The future owner of the super node must collect 10 million ZH coins. Coins can be purchased from network members via a request to telegrams or to discord community chat rooms. Coins can be bought on the internal P2P exchange in various areas (one of the priority areas of USDT / ZH). Coins can be bought in any direction on the external exchange ZH.exchange. Coins and ZEROHOUR CASH USDT can be bought at favorable rates in the partner exchange office Briastorm.exchange or at CPA market Briastorm. Next, rent a dedicated server (VDS or VPS) and deploy a universal wallet on the server, which should have 10,000,000 ZH.

Step 2   Next, you need to send an application (message is necessarily encrypted) from your ZeroHour wallet to the address ZZcKXcBtvkiEBWcaZ4riiGrnDTp7MxgdQQ and attach to the application cash on delivery (fee for opening supernods) in the amount of 100,000 ZH. The commission to send a message with cash on delivery 1 ZH. The application for registration of a super node must be sent along with the payment of the contribution from the purse of the future super node, from the registered address, which should already contain 10 million ZH. It is at this address will receive income from mining. In the application you need to write snreg + IP ADDRESS SERVER and your email address that you will need to register in the monitoring and contact you. It is to this email address that a personal account will be registered in the node monitoring system and a server key will be sent to it, monitoring utility of your server and data from the monitoring account. For example, the message in the application should look like this: SUPER NODE REGISTRATION [email protected]
See an example (screen).


Assets 10 000 000 ZH

120% annual / daily payments!