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About ZEROHOUR cash & Features

Zer0H0ur Cash Foundation date: 20.06.2018

Genesis Block

0. Fixed Transaction Fee 0.05 ZH
1. Creation of crypto currency or a token with regulated emissions.
2. Mining. Forging. Purses are full-fledged nodes of the network and participate in the processing of transactions, for which they receive remuneration in the silence of the block.
3. The cost of creating your own cryptocurrency or token in two mouse clicks 10 000 ZH. Instructions for creating a crypto asset (blockchain, token or cryptocurrency).
4. Work in real time. Fast transactions in the network. Fast and reliable operation of the blockchain cloud environment.
5. The possibility of automatic payment of dividends on horses or tokens.

Crypto Assets Coin Market

* Growing up in progress 100 + company & projects


ZeroHour Cash p2p blockchain platform creating your own crypto currency or adjustable token for ico.

The price of creating a crypto currency = 10 000 ZH

These coins are distributed between the miners at forging.
Ready-to-use wallet & public explorer.
Mining -> Forging.

Domestic exchange & Coin market. External exchanges & Coin markets.

Open api for developers & easy integrations.

official API documentation


The road map of ZeroHour is a part (one of a set of points) of the big road map of the modern and technological infrastructure which is promptly gaining steam based on a blockchain of technologies.

Universal JAVA wallet

One of the main advantages of Zero Hour is a single desktop wallet for all operating systems

Universal wallet

High speed and ease of operation. Fast real-time transactions. One program for all operating systems.

High functionality

Flexible setting. Availability of several languages (multilanguage): English, Russian and Chinese. Simplicity and responsiveness in management. Console (command line).

P2P & Big Data

Blockchain network consisting of independent nodes. Each wallet is an independent node in the network. The network is not bound to physical servers. The operation of the network provide the users of the network. The network has parent, super and master nodes (super nodes, master nodes).

Frequently asked questions

The most common questions and answers, current and useful information of General and technical nature.

What are the project goals?

the Implementation of cloud-based p2p blockchain networks for the creation of regulated digital crypto-assets, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and units with reduced emissions and adjustable post mining (forging).

what is ZH cash for?

to create a blockchain - crypto asset (cryptocurrency or token). The assignment is already determined by the Creator of the asset and its developer community. Thanks to the open and flexible API of the blockchain, support of absolutely any solutions and technologies, including Big Data and Blockchain 4.0, is provided. The blockchain of a crypto asset can be used for any task.

what is forging?

Forging is the actual PoS mining. All network fees are distributed between active nodes (miners).

Why is it so expensive to create a cryptocurrency?

Creating a cryptocurrency or a flexible token on the market will cost 5-20 times more on average. In the cryptocurrency market, this is a low cost. The creation of a crypto asset takes place in two clicks-just 2 simple actions inside the wallet. The platform provides a full range of services and full support. The network is aimed at real market players and businessmen. The network successfully solves specific problems and problems in business and Finance. The policy of the network is aimed at the crystallization of audience relations.

When will the mobile version of the wallet be available?

The mobile version of the wallet for all known mobile operating systems is under development. Approximate release date - end of 2018 - beginning of 2019.

Sales questions

Questions on sale, investments, advance sale, pre ico, ico, baunt and the partner program.

What is Briastorm?

Community of ZeroHour Cash developers. Details on the website a blockchain of briastorm.com conglomerate

What is a note, the master-noda and super-noda?

A note (English node - a node) the Created purse on which there is an asset of ZH cash + ZH Lite bonus. The purse works as an official node of network and is brought in purse distribution kit peers.dat. Purses are located on Windows VPS servers.

ZeroHour Lite - What purposes of a token?

ZeroHour Lite - 10 000 000 000 ZH Lite. ZeroHour project token. It is used in partner and baunt programs. Is internal bonus unit of account.

What start date of presale?


How can I take part in presale?

The company a razrbotchik provozhdit PRE ICO and ICO for all network of projects, including ZeroHour. Tokens of Briastorm (BST) on a zavrsheniye of ICO as one of options of investments and receiving ZH of a cache it is possible bdt напрямю енять on ZH Cash on very favorable rate! It is possible to take part in the preseyl and the tokenseyl on ICO briastorm.io website marketing of briastorm.com included ZH Cash and ZH Lite on each contract occur charges of assets. For the period of carrying out Pre ICO and the ICO company of the Briastorm Ltd, ZH Cash and ZH Lite developer (including super and the master of a note) will be on sale at greatly reduced prices. Purchase and sale of ZH cash is performed through the internal exchange, partner exchange points and a personal account on this website. Super and the master of a note it will also be possible to purchase in a market of goods and services of briastorm.com

Nodes shall be located on your servers?

No. Providing lease of the VPS server happens on a paid basis. It is bought if necessary. Also if necessary installation by our specialists is performed. The note can be held anywhere. Certainly the main thing the note has to be 24/7 online.

Main advantage

P2p. Large scalability. Multidisciplinary use of blockchain network. High speed of transaction processing. Low fees 0.05 ZH. Fast confirmation by the network of creation of new assets.


Technical information

Unlimited crypto assets creation
P2P crypto cloud blockchain network
100% income goes to the PoS miners & nodes
One universal wallet for all OS (java required)


Assets 10 000 ZH

= 1000 USD

Bonus 100,000 ZH Lite to promote ZeroHour network and increase profit of nodes. 60% per year / daily payments!