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Warning! Android and web wallet versions works only with ZH cash!

New generation Cryptocurrency!

Welcome to the evolution of cryptocurrency, in a new era of intelligent technology. We present you "ZH Cash" - fifth generation cryptocurrencies, developed from the bottom, to solve the biggest problems in the world of blockchain technologies. Over the past decade, several thousand cryptocurrencies have been created. We decided to go ahead and take a truly new step into the future!

Blockchain with unlimited possibilities, allowing you to create, transfer and exchange blockchain assets (cryptocurrencies, tokens).

Network start date: 20.06.2018

Genesis Block (first block)

Network transition to a new block chain: 17.07.2019
Release Release Candidate Version Wallet: 18.07.2019

Network transition to a final block chain: 01.12.2019
Release Final Version Wallet: 12.12.2019

ZeroHour is a blockchain for business. Support for ZRC20 technology (ERC20 compliant standard). Unlike most platforms, ZH allows businesses to deploy their own blockchain and digital assets in a few clicks. Using a set of intuitive tools, even a novice developer can do this. The main advantages: minimum requirements for the initial data of the customer, the elementary creation of all types of tokens and coins, simple creation of blockchain infrastructure, accessibility from a financial point of view. Such coins can be used to implement random digital signs, such as stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies and tokens, intellectual property, etc., as well as real objects. Work in real time. Fast online transactions. Fast and reliable operation of the cloud blockchain platform.

2 billion coins will be mined by PoS nodes.

Low fees for any transaction
Low commission for creating a smart contract
Low commission for creating a crypto asset (cryptocurrency, token, shares, etc.)
Third generation PoS mining. Wallets are full-fledged network nodes and are involved in transaction processing, for which they receive a reward. All network commissions get PoS miners. The organization of a PoS node requires the constant presence of a wallet on the network and as many coins as possible on the wallet.
IPoS (nodes mining algorithm).
DPoS (delegation of supernode coins).

List of assets

ZH Chain - full intellectual contracts (smart contracts)

ZH Chain - full intellectual Turing contracts and multi-chain transaction capabilities. If simple, then there are many advantages in scalability. and application. In other words, this type of full intellectual contracts does not have any limitations and allows to solve practically any problem. From the simplest to the most complex. All modern platforms supporting smart contracts can be divided into two groups: turing-complete and turing-incomplete. Turing completeness as applied to a programming language means that the language has the tools to solve any computable problem, h This gives the system using this language a certain autonomy.

Turing completeness is a property that indicates that certain (usually, most) programming languages ​​are universal. According to the Church-Turing thesis (a physical law with substantial empirical evidence), every calculation that can be performed physically, even in theory, can be expressed and implemented in a full Turing language. It does not matter in what language. Any Turing complete language is universal enough to imitate all others. (albeit with a potential slowdown). Such languages ​​are equivalent in terms of the calculations that they can produce. Turing-complete languages ​​are so common that they can be found even in seemingly primitive systems, for example, cellular automata or mosaic systems.

Most modern blockchains do not have this property. Therefore, their “contracts” are relatively simple structures, such as “multi-signature” or “pending execution transactions”. Smart contracts AT. Arbitrary transactions. A feature that allows users to send an arbitrary payload over the network. This can be used by third parties. to add additional features on top of ZeroHour (decentralized and secure data storage and many other endless possibilities). Turing completeness and AT smart contracts - storing state information in the blockchain opens up additional possibilities for programmers. It is this approach that made possible the creation of the first DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations). Turing completeness took shape!                         There are programs whose properties are easy to understand and verify. And there are programs where it is difficult to do it. There are programming languages ​​that facilitate such checks. And there are those who only complicate them. The point is in compromises, not in a clearly defined solution to the problem of stopping. Smart contracts allow you to exchange assets without resorting to the services of intermediaries. In addition, smart contracts do not just contain information about the obligations of the parties: the program code confirms the fulfillment of the terms of the contract and automatically determines what to do with the specified asset (transfer to the transaction participant, return to the sender or something more complicated).

At its core, ZeroHour is a decentralized Turing-complete platform for smart contracts. Turing Full is a term that implies the ability of an electronic computer to perform any tasks. Often, Turing-equivalent programming languages ​​are called Turing-complete. In computability theory, a performer (a set of calculating elements) is called Turing-complete, if it can implement any computable function. In other words, for each computable function, there is an element that calculates it (for example, a Turing machine) or a program for the contractor, and all functions computed by a set of calculators are computable functions.

Documentation for "AT"

Technical information and features

Hybrid algorithms for mining and generating coins PoS / PoW / IPoS / DPoS. Developed in Java / C++, technically Qora fork. Each block can contain up to 1 million transactions or records. The maximum block generation speed is 1 second (with a large load and a large number of nodes).

Ed25519 DSA

To verify and sign messages. In public-key cryptography, Edwards-curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA) is a digital signature scheme using a variant of Schnorr signature based on Twisted Edwards curves. It is designed to be faster than existing digital signature schemes without sacrificing security. More detail.

Work speed

The average time of generation of blocks, depending on network activity and the number of active nodes in the network is from 1 to 5 minutes.


Password protection wallet. Possibility of password hashing during PoS mining.

PoS mining

New PoS-algorithm (forging).


Open API for developers and wallet management.

Name service

Allows the user to register a Name-Value pair that can be used for various purposes (in development).

Creation of crypto assets

Support technology "Colored coins". Such coins can be used to implement random numeric characters, such as stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies and tokens, intellectual property, etc., as well as real objects.

Smart contracts

Arbitrary transactions. A feature that allows users to send an arbitrary payload over the network. This can be used by third parties to add additional features on top of ZeroHour. (data storage and many other unlimited possibilities).

Blockchain Voting

The system of decentralized voting on BlockChain.

ZeroHour P2P DEX

Trade through BlockChain. A truly distributed crypto-exchange based on atomic exchange technology (atomic swap) does not have a single point of failure. Cryptocurrency storage on the user side. The ability to cancel orders.

Base Scalability

Cleaning/squeezing BlockChain.

Pow mining

In addition to PoS (forging), ZeroHour supports PoW mining on 3 algorithms (Sha256, Scrypt and X11).


There are masternodes and supernodes on the network.

IPoS mining

Invest Proof of Stake (paramining analog).

DPoS mining

Coin delegation to super nodes.

Universal JAVA Wallet

One of the main advantages of ZeroHour is a single desktop wallet for all operating systems (Unix, Linux, MacOS, Windows).

Universal Wallet

High speed and ease of operation. Fast transactions in real time. One program for all operating systems. Mobile applications for Android and iOS.

High functionality

Flexible settings. The presence of several languages (multilingual): English, Russian and Chinese. Simplicity and responsiveness in management. Console (command line). Local block explorer on each computer (server), where the wallet is installed is available at

P2P & Big Data

Peering (P2P) blockchain network consisting of independent nodes. Each wallet is an independent network node. The network is not tied to physical servers. Network operation is provided by network users. The network has parent (reference nodes), simple PoS nodes, master and super nodes (masternody, supernody). Super nodes can perform the function of reference nodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions and answers, relevant and useful information of a general and technical nature.

What are the goals of the project?

At its core, ZeroHour is a decentralized Turing-complete platform for smart contracts. Implementing a scalable cloud P2P blockchain eco system for creating regulated digital crypto assets, cryptocurrencies, tokens, digital assets and units of limited emission and regulated PoS mining (forging). The platform is designed to solve any problems from the most simple to the most complex.

What is ZH cash for?

To create a blockchain - a crypto asset (cryptocurrency, token, digital asset). The assignment is already determined by the creator of the asset and its developer community. Thanks to the open and flexible Api blockchain, support is provided for absolutely any solutions and technologies, including Big Data and Blockchain 4.0. A crypto blockchain asset can be used to solve any problems. AT smart contract support. Arbitrary transactions. A feature that allows users to send an arbitrary payload over the network. This can be used by third parties to add additional features on top of ZeroHour. (decentralized and secure data storage and many other endless possibilities).

What is forging?

Forging is the actual advanced model of PoS mining. All network charges are distributed between active PoS nodes (miners) of the network.

How difficult is it to create a cryptocurrency based on ZeroHour?

Creating a cryptocurrency or flexible token in the market is not an easy task at first. Our platform solves all complex tasks in a couple of mouse clicks. Creating a crypto asset occurs in two clicks - just 2 simple steps inside the wallet. The platform provides a full service and range of services and full support. The network is aimed at real market players and businessmen. The network successfully solves specific problems and problems in business and finance. The network policy is aimed at crystallizing the relationship of the audience.

What is ZeroHour Lite token for?

ZeroHour Lite - 10,000,000,000 ZH Lite. Token project ZeroHour. Used in affiliate and bounty programs. It is an internal bonus calculation unit.


Questions on sale, investment, advance sale, ieo (ico), bounty and affiliate program.

Who is the developer of ZeroHour?

The community of developers ZH Chain consists of several teams coordinated among themselves. The main development of algorithms involved in the BlockChain team ZeroLab. Ideology, engineering, testing and business model - Briastorm Blockchain Conglomerate. Implementation, UA UX design, development concept and marketing lies with the Briastorm Foundation.

What is a node?

The created wallet, on which the parent asset of the ZH cash network is located. The minimum quantity for masternody is 100,000 ZH and 10,000,000 ZH for supernotes. The purse of the super node works as an official reference node of the network and is entered into peers.dat of the distribution kit of the wallet. Wallets master nodes must be located on servers with dedicated ip addresses.

Maximum number of master nodes in a network?

The number of master nodes in the technical network is not limited.

Maximum number of super nodes on the network?

The number of supernods will be limited. In the first month after the closed round, 20 supernodos will be launched for investors, 10 supernods will be added each month, so a maximum of 184 supernods will be released within 14-24 months,                                  The number of coins in one supernode - 10 000 000 ZH

What are the requirements for organizing a master node?

The master node requires a wallet, 100,000 ZH coins and a business contract. Detailed information on business contracts and the organization of master nodes. To organize a master node, absolutely any version of the wallet (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS or Android) will do. The master node can be deployed on a computer, server or any mobile device. Master node does not require a wallet online. Algorithm of accrual mining factor works even in offline mode.

What are the requirements for organizing a super node?

To organize a super node, you need 10,000,000 ZH coins, a dedicated server with characteristics of at least 4 cores and 4 gigabytes of RAM, any version of the wallet (Windows, Linux, MacOS). Mobile versions of wallets for organizing a super node will not work. Super node should always be online with maximum uptime. Super node purse should always be online. Multi-mining accrual algorithm. On the super node, in addition to the ZH Cash charges, bonus accruals of other derived assets (tokens and cryptocurrencies) of the network occur. A super node requires a dedicated, VDS or VPS server to work. Super node server should be online 24/7. Super nodes are subject to penalties for unstable uptime.

ZeroHour Cash Business Model

Total issued 10 billion ZH coins (06/20/2018). The release of additional parental coins is not possible and the technical is not provided! Coins will be distributed to the network under a smart contract dated 07/20/2019 according to the implementation plan.

For a quick start, we plan to attract investors to the project, creating favorable conditions for them.

Implementation Plan:

500,000,000 ZH - will be sold at an early stage to investors at a price of 0.001 USD per 1 ZH and collected 500,000 USD, which will be spent on the development and operational activities of the company.
500,000,000 ZH - will be sold from the market within 2 years with a shortage of coins on the market, at the market price on the stock exchange and collected at least 2 million dollars, which will be spent on dividends to shareholders, operating activities of the company and on scaling the project.
1 000 000 000 ZH - will be under the control of the company and frozen under a smart contract for 2 years.
100 000 000 ZH + 10 000 000 000 ZH lite - will be distributed on the bounty program during the year.
100 000 000 ZH - will be distributed on airdrop throughout the year.
4 800 000 000 ZH - It will be produced through the master and super nodes (factoring and multi-mining) under a smart contract.
3 000 000 000 ZH - will be mined through a smart contract ZH mining pool.
At the initial stage, ZH coins will be bought only in their own eco system. Trading will take place through the local P2P DEX and P2P platform for exchanging and conducting crowdfunding, HCO (Hold Coin Offering) campaigns . After 6-12 months, listing is planned on various exchanges.


Assets 10 000 000 ZH

Profit in ZH 120% per annum
Daily payments + bonus accruals of other network assets! The price of creation is 100 000 ZH.



latest news


Great news - we launched the ZeroHour platform exchange.

We made a simple and intuitive interface for trading. We also paid great attention to the security of your finances.

Продажа ZH cash через маркет за все популярные криптовалюты и usd

X11 Algorithm is available at ZHcash Mining Pool

In late July, we announced the opening of the mining pool on ZHCash. Now, in addition to mining on the algorithms SHA-256 and Scrypt, it will be possible to mine crypto-currencies on the algorithm X11.

майнинг zh cash

Opening of mining pool on ZHcash

From today on it will be possible to mine cryptocurrency on the most popular algorithms on the basis of our platform ZHcash. There are two algorithms connected at the moment: SHA-256 and Scrypt. Bitcoin and its most popular fork Litecoin work on these algorithms.