Please take some time to read the following, this is for your own safety!

  • This website provides documentation on different aspects of ZHCash usage. It does not make the ZHCash liable of any issues that may occur for anyone following these guides.
  • Every guide provides security tips depending on the platform and app used, it doesn't mean you'll be 100% safe after following the guide, please do research on current and possible situations that a may happen. DO NOT use a daily usage computer for Staking (home or work computer).
  • You're responsible for your own security. If, after following these guides, you continue to access your funds using a daily usage computer which may or not be affected by malware, the possibilities of being hacked are quite high.
  • ALWAYS make backups, any wallet, or important data (private keys) must be backed up in a secure manner. It's up to the user to choose which backup method will be used.
  • DO NOT give your private keys to anyone. No one from the ZHCash will ever ask you for your private keys, only you can have access to them as they control your funds. If you give your private keys to someone else, you just gave them all your ZHCash.
  • Transactions cannot be reverted or cancelled. On a decentralized blockchain, there's no way to revert/stop transactions, please make sure to check as many times as possible that you're sending the funds to the correct address.
  • ZHCash is open source software, provided as-is with no warranty.
  • Please remember, these safety tips are just our opinions, they're not supposed to constitute a definite guide on security.
  • Again, you as user are completely responsible over your own security, please take time to evaluate every step followed and make sure to be as safe as possible.

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