bech32 addresses on ZHChain

IMPORTANT NOTE: bech32 addresses CANNOT participate in staking. They're only for transacting and storing ZHChain.

ZHCash 0.16 brought several important updates, one of the most important is in fact the support for bech32 addresses. These can be enabled on new wallets by adding addresstype=bech32 to the zerohour.conf file ATTENTION! for Windows zerohour.conf

PLEASE NOTE bech32 is very new and most online services don't support it yet, this means you cannot withdraw from most exchanges/online wallets to a bech32 address for now, as time passes and there's more support for bech32, it'll be easy to use from/to any service.

There's many advantages to this new format, it's the future in many ways as even lightning network will benefit from this, bech32 addresses on ZHCash start with zh1 (Address for example zh1qys978t4qsm5xgpe7w8v57tgvalf3lx5ea23q9p). To learn more about bech32:

Let's see how to enable these addresses on ZHCash:

Following our sample, in Mac OS, we need to go to the folder /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/ZHCash (If it doesn't exist, you need to create it)

There's two options for navigating ourselves towards that folder, the first one is by opening Finder and going to the menu: go -> go to folder.. > ~/Library/Application Support/ZHCash


Optionally, we can use the Mac OS terminal if you're more comfortable with it


Once inside that folder, we need to create the zerohour.conf file (from a text editor or command line) and add

addresstype=bech32 to it, save and close the file. ATTENTION! for Windows zerohour.conf


Next, we launch the ZHCash wallet, we'll be able to create and use bech32 addresses now. Just go to the "receive" menu and create a new payment request4

Sending and receiving is pretty much the same as before, just copy and paste the address on the send field to send some ZHCash to a bech32 address, or do the same for receiving.

Other Operating systems:


Navigate to %Appdata%/ and you'll find the ZHCash folder


Your home folder contains the ZHCash folder, by default it's in this location ~/.ZHCash/

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