Encrypt & Unlock ZHCash Wallet

If you don't know how to deploy a ZHCash node or don't know how to launch a ZHCash wallet ,please refer to the following instructions:

Important: After you encrypt wallet or change your pin code, please remember to backup your wallet again!!!

Please do all following things after you successfully installed and run a ZHCash wallet:

Encrypt Wallet

For command line users

ZHCash-cli command to encrypt wallet:

./ZHCash-cli encryptwallet "yourpassword"

note that yourpasswordis the user defined password, please remember it or you might lost your ZHCash.

After encryption, all fund security related actions (like send ZHCash, staking, or dump private keys) will all requiring a password.

For GUI wallet users

ChooseSetting-Encrypt Wallet in the menu, as following:

create a new passphrase and repeat it. The wallet will restart after encryption.

enter password

After restart, there will be a lock flag shown on the bottom of the wallet, which means it is already encrypted (locked) :

Unlock wallet

For command line users

ZHCash-cli command to unlock wallet:

./ZHCash-cli walletpassphrase "yourpassword" 99999

the first argument yourpassword is the passphrase you set when encryption, while the second is required unlock time, the unit is second (like 99999 seconds here).

After unlocking, you can send ZHCash or do other fund security related actions.

If you only want to unlock the wallet for staking, please use :

./ZHCash-cli walletpassphrase "yourpassword" 99999 true

The first two arguments are the same, and the 3rd argument true means you only want to unlock for staking. After doing this, you can start staking, but other fund security related actions like sending ZHCash or dumping private key still need your passphrase to fully unlock your wallet first.

For GUI wallet users

Go to “Settings-unlock wallet” to unlock your wallet:

enter passphrase to unlock wallet. If you choose For staking only, it means you only unlock the wallet for staking,but other fund security related actions like sending ZHCash or dumping private key are still forbidened. So please unselect For staking only if you want to fully unlock your wallet.

After unlocking, the lock flag on the bottom will switch to unlocked.

Change passphrase

For command line users

command for change passphrase:

./ZHCash-cli walletpassphrasechange "oldpassphrase" "newpassphrase"

oldpassphrase is the old passphrase you set last time,and newpassphrase is the new passphrase you want set。

For GUI wallet users

Go to “Setting-Change Passphrase” to change passphrase:

enter old passphrase and new one to complete modification:

change passphrase

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