How to add options for ZHCash node(or add config file)

User can specify extra options (or set configurations) for ZHCash node, in order to enable/disable some specific features, other than default settings.

This tutorial describes how to specify options (or configurations) to ZHCash node.

For ZHCash PC wallet(ZHCash Core qt wallet)

(This works for both PC wallet and command-line zerohourd wallet)

ZHCash PC wallet (i.e. ZHCash core qt wallet) is the most widely used ZHCash wallet by common users. (Not yet installed a wallet? Please visit to download latest pc wallet)

User can edit ZHCash config file to specify some options.


1. Create ZHCASH.conf file

Create a file named ZHCash.conf under your datadir, the default datadir paths for different OS are different:

  • Linux: ~/.ZHCash
  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/ZHCash
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\ZHCash (Please paste this path to your windows explorer, the path will be resolved automatically)

Please be careful and don‘t remove or change any content under this directory except you are aware of them.

(PS: the datadir might be manually set as well, so please create your ZHCASH.conf under the datadir you spcified, if you did)

Still don't know how to create a file? You can also open this ZHCASH.conf on the wallet UI directly System Preference->OPEN CONFIGURATION FILE:


This will create and open the ZHCASH.conf directly for user.

2. Specify the options

User can then specify any option in the file ZHCash.conf just created.

For example, to specify some rpc related settings, user might add following lines to ZHCASH.conf:


This will set rpcuser to test, rpcpassword to test1234, and enable the server feature.

3. Restart wallet

It is required to RESTART the wallet after editing the ZHCASH.conf file, before the options are really effective.

Other options

To learn more about the complete list of all valid ZHCash options, please check the pc wallet menu for more details:

Help->Command-line Options:

Help Command-line Options

For the command-line wallet zerohourd

If your have no idea about command line, please ignore this section.

For those who are familiar with command line, you can also specify options by adding options when running zerohourd.

For example:

./zerohourd -rpcuser=test -rpcpassword=test1234 -server=1

These options -rpcuser=test -rpcpassword=test1234 -server=1 realize the same configuration setting as the "Specify the options" section described.

Note that if you specify the options through zerohourd command line, same options will be required to add to corresponding zerohour-cli command, e.g.:

./zerohour-cli -rpcuser=test -rpcpassword=test1234 getinfo

Check options list by command line

You can check the complete option list with:

./zerohourd -help

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